Coleman Haltom

Parker Worley

Will Norris

Clint Brown Jr.

Andrew O'Neal

Andrew Noble

Zach McMahon

2018 Jaguar Freshmen Roster

Ayden Ashwill

Tanner Grimes

Tyler Pearson

No.     Name                              Grade    Position   B/T  

Landon Anthony9P/OFR/R

Ayden Ashwill


Aaron Carter9IF/OFR/R

Tanner Grimes9P/2ndR/R

Coleman Haltom9P/1st/CR/R

Zachary McMahon9P/IFR/R

Andrew Noble9P/DHR/L

Will Norris9P/UtilityR/R

Andrew O'Neal9P/1st/3rdR/R

Landon Powell9P/OFR/R

Parker Worley9CR/R

Clint Brown Jr.8P/IFR/R

Ryan Musselwhite8P/OFL/R

Tyler Pearson8P/UtilityR/R

Brock Tapper8P/1st/OFL/L

Aaron Carter

Ryan Musselwhite

Landon Powell

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Landon Anthony

Brock Tapper