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Desoto Central High School Baseball

  DATE      TEAM        OPPONENT                         TIME      CONCESSION                      GRILL                                         
FEB 23JVCenter Hill5pm Sherri Gardner 
FEB 23VARCenter Hill7pm Natasha BrownClint Brown
FEB 24 Center Hill vs TCPS11am Sidney TapperTobie Tapper
FEB 24 Center Hill vs TCPS1pm Paula PearsonJosh Pearson
FEB 24JVTCPS3:30pm Stacie James 
FEB 24VARTCPS5pm Tammy McMahon 
MAR 59THDC JV Scrimmage5pm Deana SidesKelly Sides
MAR 5JVDC 9th Scrimmage7pm   Brian Cope
MAR 89THLewisburg5pm Candice BookerKevin Booker
MAR 89THLewisburg7pm Tangela Meeks 
MAR 10JVGrenada11am  
MAR 10VARGrenada1pm Tammy McMahon 
MAR 10VARGermantown, MS5pm  
MAR 199THHernando5pm Gail Carter Ron Carter
MAR 199THHernando7pm  Melanie Phillips Kevin Phillips
MAR 23JVHorn Lake5pm  
MAR 23VARHorn Lake7pm  
MAR 24JVGermantown, TN10am Vicki AnthonyJohn Anthony
MAR 24VARGermantown, TN12pm  
MAR 24 Lewisburg vs Germantown2:30pm  
MAR 24JVLewisburg5pm  
MAR 24VARLewisburg7pm  
MAR 27JVHERNANDO5pm  Brian Cope
MAR 27VARHERNANDO7pm Vicki AnthonyJohn Anthony
APR 59THLewisburg5PM  
APR 59THLewisburg7pm Amy GrimesChris Grimes
APR 6JVSouthaven5pm  
APR 6VARSouthaven7pm  
APR 7VARSheridan, AR1pm  
APR 7VARSheridan, AR3:30pm  
APR 13JVHernando5pm  
APR 13VARHernando7pm