The official website of the DeSoto Central High School Jaguars Baseball Team

Desoto Central High School Baseball

Pro Jags:

Drew Crosby - '14 drafted in 2017 by Detroit Tigers

Kyle Watson - '14 drafted in 2017 by Pittsburgh Pirates​ 

Domenick Carlini- '12 drafted in 2016 by Minnesota Twins

Austin Riley- '15 drafted in 2015 by Atlanta Braves
Ben Paullus- '08 drafted in 2011 by New York Yankees

Jags in College:
Matthew Taylor - '18 East Mississippi Community College

Alex Russell - '18 Itawamba Community College

Hamp Houston- '18 Meridian Community College

Peyton Mills- '18 Northwest Community College

Drew Thomas- '17 Itawamba Community College

Woogie Lee- '17 Mississippi Delta CC

Bradley Smith-'17 Northwest Community College
Reed Logsdon- '17 Northwest Community College
Donari Herron- '17 Itawamba Community College
​Luke Clement- '17 Hinds Community College
Cason Milliorn- '17 Itawamba Community College

Gage Selby- '17 Mississippi Delta Community College

Chance Gutherie- '17 Mississippi Delta Community College

Brandon Herring- '17 Coahoma Community College

Reed Harding- '16 Northwest Community College
Ian Hawkins- '16 Northwest Community College
Trey Jones- '16 Mississippi Delta Community College
Jared Cramer- '16 Christian Brothers University
Dallas Woolfolk- '15 Ole Miss
Hayden Tapper- '15 Coahoma Community College
Tre' Spann- '15 Southeastern Louisiana
Spencer Price- '15 Meridian Community College
Carson Klepzig- '15 Ole Miss
Keegan James- '15 Mississippi State
Drew Golden- '15 East Mississippi Community College
Colin Coates- '15 Hinds Community College
Brant Blaylock- '15 University of Southern Mississippi
Kyle Watson- '14 Ole Miss
Drew Crosby- '14 University of Memphis
Clay Casey- '14 University of Houston
Zach Schritenthal- '13: University of Memphis
Charlie Palmer - '13: Mineral Area College
Colton Mears- '13 : Mississippi College
Ryan Seawright- '12 :  Northwest Mississippi Community College 
Jordan Montgomery- '12 :  Blue Mountain College
Domenick Carlini- '12 :  Northwest Mississippi Community College
Tommy Allmon- '12 :  Birmingham Southern
Dalton Sims- '11 :  Northeast Mississippi Community College
Mitchell Flowers- '11 :  Northwest Mississippi Community College
Garrett Blaylock- '11 :  Northwest Mississippi Community College
Casey Greene- '10 :  Ole Miss       
Brent Langston- '10 :  Delta State University 
Michael Vinson- '09 :  Delta State University
Drew Klepzig- '09 :  Northwest Mississippi Community College 
Tyler Hadaway- '09 :  Northwest Mississippi Community College
Drew Respess:  Millsaps College
Ben Paullus- '08 : University of Memphis      
Alan Wright:  Christian Brothers University  
Erin Keel:  Lambuth College